Zell is what the people of his hometown of Balamb see as a comic book type of hero - or they perceive him to be a clumsy, badly behaved hooligan of sorts. He has a strong, exuverant personality that can be overbearing to others at times (such as Squall). When Zell first joins the party for an assignment, Squall asks for another partner - an adequate assessment of how the majority of the student body views him.

Though Zell is an overall good person and would never wish to harm or cause problems for anyone, he is quick to anger and doesn't think before he acts. These personality reflexes have been known to make trouble not only for Zell, but for the people around him as well. See the mistakes section for further information and plot spoilers on this personality flaw.

Unbeknownst to himself, Zell is actually the cause of a great deal of humor - he is just that kind of guy that you tend to laugh at and can also laugh with. He isn't looking to be a class clown or a burden, but trouble always seems to find him whether or not it was released from his own mouth.