About Site

burn&rave was the product of my lack of sleep on December 28th of 2008. Once the main layout and basic media content was finished, the website basically died until its revival on July 21, 2011. Honestly, I got quite intimidated by the sheer amount of content you find at these overdone (yet absolutely exquisite) kinds of fansites. I finally said to myself "What the hell? Let's do this however the -expletive deleted- I want c:" and so, it was revived.

The origins of the title "burn&rave" should be obvious to anyone who had ever had Zell in their main party. Zell's limit break in the game is a series of button patterns - and if you use different attacks in the right pattern, you can get one of Zell's final attacks - Burning Rave being one of them :) Therefore, burn&rave was created. I used an ampersand because I want to be unique fufufufu~ *shot*

Why Zell

Zell is one of the main characters one can have in their party in Final Fantasy VIII - and he is my absolute favorite. Not simply because he is the rash character that everyone criticizes in and out of the game and I want to be different, but because he is this absurdly emotionally and physically strong character with an unbelievable limit break and the constant ability to make me laugh. In my opinion, he is one of the strongest characters in the game, and his interactions with the other characters are the ones that stand out the most to me.


Version two! It was created from the illustrated head shot image of Zell featured in the game. It is sporadic and random because... I really had no design idea in mind other than that I wanted it right-aligned xD I actually quite like how it turned out, despite getting frustrated with it at times :x I used resources from Moargh.de, Miss M, and 99mb to spice it up and make it look a little more planned than it was xD It was designed with Savage Garden's Animal Song stuck in my head - hence the lyrics ^.^;

If you want to see past layouts, feel free to visit my layout archive: