We get it - Zell is a good guy. He fights for loyalty and honor and all things good blah blah. But that doesn't mean he comes without his faults. We know that Zell is hotheaded and doesn't look before he leaps. And honestly, most of the time, the only trouble he ever gets into because of it is with the Disciplinary Committee and the Garden Faculty - and the occassional fistfight. But here is one circumstance that sets quite a bit into motion because of a single slip up.

The party is at Timber on a vague contract with Rinoa and the Forest Owls. Because of this, they find themselves at the old Timber Television Station, where the President is going to be airing the first live broadcast in seventeen years. Seifer Almasy shows up to assassinate the President, and Zell is furious with him for disobeying the Garden. He yells at him, and lets it slip on live television that they are all from Garden. The president threatens an attack on all Gardens if he is not released.

Seifer is declared by Garden a rogue student, and the President orders him to be found and killed - a development that makes Zell feel horrendously guilty and depressed. Eventually, Garden is attacked anyway - missiles are fired upon Trabia Garden and destroy it. Squall takes a group to warn Balamb Garden while Zell (and others) stay to infiltrate the military base and attempt to stop the missiles from being fired.

A royal slip-up, but I still love him~